Advanced Bike Service Voucher

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Advanced bike service is a full re-assembly of the bike with all cables and bar tape replacement. It includes:

-Full check of frame and components for wear and/or damage
-Bike wash and drivetrain degrease
-Seat tube grease up
-Stem bolts check, wheel bolts/quick releases check, pedals check, chainset and crank bolts check
-Tyre pressure set
-Spoke tension check/wheel alignment
-Brakes adjustment
-Gears adjustment
-Headset bearings are extracted; bearings and frame re-greased and refitted
-Bottom bracket bearings are extracted; bearings and frame re-greased and refitted
If movement is detected in sealed bearings, i.e. bottom bracket, they will need to be replaced. Price varies depending on type.
-Both wheel hubs cleaned, re-greased and re-assembled
-All new inner and outer brake and gear cables (4 x cable sets in total)
-Up to 5 spokes replaced (if needed)
-New handlebar tape
-Testing the bike on the road for the best performance

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